Asus VZ279HE Review and Our Opinion

Welcome to the ASUS VZ279HE review section. If you’re looking for a new monitor, you want one that’s going to be clear and crisp so that all the details of your work shine.

But most monitors have terrible viewing angles, which makes it hard to get the full effect of what you’re working on. They also look washed out or blurry when viewed from an angle. And some even have color inversion issues!

The Asus VZ279HE 27 inch Full HD 1080P IPS Eye Care Monitor is not like other monitors on the market because it has 178-degree wide-viewing angles. It also comes with ASUS Eye care technology and flicker-free backlighting technology. This means that no matter where you are sitting or standing relative to this monitor, every detail will be crystal clear and easy to see! It’s great for everything from graphic design projects at home to spreadsheets at work!

ASUS VZ279HE 27” Full HD 1080p IPS Eye Care Monitor with HDMI and VGA
  • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS monitor with a wide 178° viewing angle
  • Aspect Ratio is 16:9; Viewing Angle (CR≧10) is 178°/ 178°; Brightness (Typ) is 250cd/㎡
  • Flexible connectivity with dual HDMI and VGA ports
  • Panoramic viewing immersion with multi-display setups
  • 0.27” Ultra Slim body with frameless design is great for multi-monitor viewing in style; Brightness(Max) : 250 cd/㎡
  • Asus Eye Care technology with flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter to minimize eye fatigue

Asus VZ279HE Specifications 

Model:  Asus VZ279HE
Screen Size: 27 Inches
Panel Type: IPS
Display Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 75 hertz
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Contrast Ratio (Dynamic): 80,000,000:1
Contrast ratio (typical): 1000:1
Response time: 5ms
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Connection Type: 2 x HDMI, VGA
VESA: No VESA Mounting
Brightness: 250 nits
Weight: 8.6 pounds
Dimensions: ‎24.4 x 8.3 x 17.3 inches
Screen Shape: Flat
HD Type: Full HD
Color: Black
Viewing angle: 178º/178º


The ASUS VZ279HE is a 27-inch Full HD LED display with a 5 ms quick response time. It is not as fast, but for casual gaming, it is quick. It has an ultra-thin bezel that provides a sleek visual experience, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to use in any environment. With 250 cd/m2 brightness, this best monitor delivers crystal clear visuals with consistent colors across different screen sizes.

Display  of Asus VZ279HE

The ASUS VZ279HE Monitor has a stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution that will make any video pop. With an 80000000 contrast ratio, the image on this screen is sure to be sharp and clear. This monitor also features 178 degree wide viewing angles horizontally and vertically so you can watch movies or play games from any angle without distortion! The higher pixel density and color gamut will provide you with better picture quality.

It is equipped with 16.78 million colors to give your pictures vibrant color and a native aspect ratio of 16:9 which most monitors have these days. The panel type is IPS for high-quality images in all lighting conditions, and the maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz gives you smooth videos even when playing games at their highest setting!

The ASUS VZ279HE is a computer screen that is good for normal web browsing. It has colors that are lifelike visuals, and some color doesn’t change. Photos and videos are best on Level 2. It is a perfect balance of high image quality.

Ports & Interfaces

The ports and interfaces on the Asus VZ279HE are designed to be easy to use. It has many different inputs, including HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, and Dual-Link DVI. The monitor is also compatible with HDCP content protection systems.

This means it will work with all types of content protection systems. Additionally, it has a D-Sub input port, so you can connect devices using that type of connection as well.


Asus VZ279HE is a 27 inch affordable HD monitor. The ASUS VZ279HE is designed to look sleek and stylish with its slim space-saving design, perfect for any office. The VZ279HE is secure from accidental tugging or lifting with an integrated cable lock slot when it’s not properly attached to a surface.

It comes with LED indicators so you can find that right setting at night or in low light. Finally, this monitor includes tiltable technology to find the angle that suits your needs best–great for those who are looking for that work-life balance.

Exquisite Ultra-Slim, Frameless Design

This is a 27-inch monitor for people who play video games. It is good for PC or console gaming. ASUS VZ279Q has a thin design. It is only 7 mm thin at its thinnest point.

It is perfect for multi-display setups. The advanced IPS panel gives you a contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1 and 178° wide viewing angles. Eye Care technology ensures that it’s comfortable to use.

Ultra-Slim 7mm Profile

This monitor is thin and lightweight. It will fit well in any space or environment. There is no frame around the screen, so it looks sleek. It has a matte finish and an ultra-thin design, only 7mm at its thinnest point. The 7mm Ultra-slim profile makes it perfect for any setting, and with a slim bezel that is just 2mm thick, it will fit well in any desktop space or environment.

With an ultra-thin design at only 7mm at its thinnest point and boasting a sleek matte finish on its display panel as well as a frameless screen – this monitor was created to provide you with peace of mind when looking at your screen.

Perfect for Multi-Display Setups

VZ279Q’s frameless design is suitable for multi-display use, and the panoramic display was created for those who demand the best of both worlds: games, movies, or work. You can play with two screens seamlessly merged into one seamless screen that will provide a more immersive experience and eliminate any source of distraction from having to divide your attention between playing on one monitor while working in another.

Multi-Display Setups of Asus VZ279HE
Multi-Display Setups

Whether you’re playing video games, watching TV shows, or getting some serious office work done – VZ279Q is here for all gamers out there! The 27″ widescreen features an ultra-narrow bezel which ensures incredible visual depth when using dual monitors, no matter how close together they may be positioned.

This monitor has a design that makes it look like there is no frame. That means you can have two or three monitor setups, so they all show the same thing. This creates a panoramic display that will immerse you even more.

Protect Your Eyes with ASUS Eye Care Technology

ASUS VZ279Q monitors are not just about being stylish. They have a blue light filter that protects your eyes and lets you choose from four different settings to make it easy for anyone who needs the best possible viewing experience.

The ASUS monitor has Ultra-low Blue Light Monitor to protect your eyes from this. The TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Blue Light Filter protects you from harmful blue light, and with its hotkey access, 4 different filtered modes can be set super easily!

It has also been certified by one of the leading providers in their field (Tüv), so we know this IPS monitor is safe for all ages and gives us an unparalleled viewing experience without any flickering or low levels of blue lights emitted. Blue light filters help you sleep. This helps with eye fatigue and makes it easier for you to log off after the day is done.

Flicker-free Technology

Technology is finally getting the message that there’s no point in making screens more bright if it damages your eyes. ASUS has taken this into consideration with its VZ279Q IPS monitor, which includes TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-Free technology for a comfortable viewing experience.

Flicker-free Technology of Asus VZ279HE
Flicker-free Technology

This patented feature reduces flickers to minimize instances of eyestrain and other damaging ailments – especially when you spend long hours watching videos on cameras like these!

Brightness, Contrast & Sharpness

Adjusting the color temperature and brightness of the gaming monitor, making it like paperbacks. Best choice for a soft light levels environment. It increases the brightness levels, making colors more vibrant and having more contrast. This setting will make the image quality look better. It will be more colorful and have more contrast. This is a good setting to use if you want to see graphics better.

Asus VZ279HE Review shows that it is a gaming monitor. This gaming monitor brings out dark areas so you can see enemies in obscure corners. This IPS monitor also brightens the well-lit parts of the screen display. It will capture scenes in a crisp and vibrant way, making them look beautiful. You can use this to see dark areas or to see text on a screen clearly.

This LED-backlit display has a special color space. The colors it shows are very accurate, and these colors are for people who want to do professional-grade work, such as photography or video editing, or for people who want to do home entertainment.

QuickFit Function

QuickFit gives you the power to preview your photos and documents on-screen display in their actual sizes prior to printing;

QuickFit Function of Asus VZ279HE
QuickFit Function

This gaming monitor is perfect for ensuring everything’s straight and true. This LED-backlit display comes with a color space that is extremely accurate.

This means that the accurate colors on this screen will be the same as other screens.

Our Opinion on Asus VZ279HE Review

The ASUS VZ279HE monitor, in our opinion, is the best budget-friendly option for anyone looking to upgrade their screen. With its large size and high-quality image resolution, your experience will be incomparable!

This ASUS VZ279HE excellent Monitor has a 27-inch display with an excellent viewing angle of 178 degrees that will leave you satisfied if not excited about upgrading from your old laptop or desktop computer screens.


  • This is a 27-inch monitor. It has built-in audio.
  •  The ultra-slim design is thin.
  • A blue light filter is a way to change the color of your screen. It’s easier on your eyes, and colors look richer.
  • Asus Eye Care technology makes you have less eye strain and reduces stress.
  •  This is a great-looking screen with beautiful colors.
  • Complete home office set-up
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Only cover the color gamut sRGB

Final Words

The ASUS VZ279HE is a great monitor for anyone who has eye strain or viewing-related headaches.

It offers an excellent array of eye care technology, including Flicker-Free and Eye Saver Mode, which reduce blue light emissions to eliminate eyestrain risk. Unfortunately, suppose you seek professional-level gaming experience or working experience. In that case, you will be disappointed with this monitor’s TN panel, which causes significant motion blur in fast-moving scenes on games like Fortnite or Overwatch.

For those seeking more casual use such as watching movies at home, playing Nintendo Switch games from your couch (with no noticeable lag), browsing Facebook while sitting by the pool on vacation – this is a perfect high-resolution gaming monitor!

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